18 Best Facebook & Instagram Ads Examples in 2021

Best Facebook and Instagram Ad Examples

Facebook Ads are tricky. With so much information and so many ads on Facebook, it takes a lot of creativity to grab a user’s attention. You need to have the right copy, the right creative and the right call-to-action.

If you have an eCommerce brand or are running Facebook Ads for an eCommerce client, and need to come up with some creative and attention-grabbing ads, we think this might help.

We know that everyone needs a little inspiration now and then, so we’ve compiled a list of brands that have been crushing it on Facebook Ads.

Our Place

This ad by Our Place is nothing more than a demonstration of the product. But, really, what more do we need?

It showcases all the benefits of the product while demonstrating how it works in different situations and for different needs and purposes.

This one is a winner, in our opinion.

All Birds

Often labelled as the world’s most comfortable shoes, All Birds has accustomed us to beautiful, clean, and minimalistic ads.

The thoughtfully crafted headline both states that the shoe is comfortable – walk on clouds – as it also reinforces its sustainable materials – made with trees – in very few words.

The contrast between the shoes and the strong background make the ad stand out from the users feed, while the image clearly supports the headline’s hook: the shoes are light – after all, they’re balanced on top of two eggs.

Talk about a scroll-stopper, huh?

A brilliant, yet simple, example of what Facebook Ads should look like.


It’s not about what Hims has to offer, it’s about how it offers it.

When it comes to a topic that may bring some embarassement attached, that tends to be the customer’s biggest pain point.

Hims takes the embarassement out of the equation and shows exactly how that’s done in this testimonial-style ad that briefly and, in our opinion, effectively, exposes the need, the pain point and the solution.


It’s always exciting to see ads that show the product in action.

This ad by Tovala clearly examplifies the product’s journey from the moment it is ordered by the customer, to the moment it is consumed. This, not only, simplifies the process in the consumer’s eyes, but, by showing the product’s end-result, also entices the consumer to try it.

Once again, we believe this ad is a great example of how the product meets the need that it was made for.


Let’s face it, ads with dogs always have a leg up any other ad.

This ad, however, shines a light on the pros and cons of having a dog and shows you that Ruggable rugs helps you make the cons easier so you can enjoy the pros even more.

Magic Spoon Cereal

This product seems to pretty much sell itself. It’s healthy cereal that looks and, suposedly, tastes like your favorite childhood cereal. I know what you’re thinking, count me in, right?

To add to that, this ad shows the product in a fun and colorful manner, that reminds the customer of eating those sugary and delicious cereal as a child. It opens with the major benefits of the product, goes on to show the different variations and flavors and tops it off with a testimonial, attesting to the product’s taste and health benefits.

This ad definitely gets our seal of approval.


This ad by LARQ is short and simple and gets the message across.

The problem: Plastic waste

The need: A plastic-free bottle

The pain point: Always having to wash the bottle

The solution: Self-washing, stylist, simple, plastic-free bottles

It couldn’t be more simple, yet it’s quite effective.


Some men are reluctant to use skincare products due to the stigma surrounding men and beauty/self-care. By showcasing real men using the product, this ad helps take some of the stigma out of skincare for men.

To add to that, the 1st month free trial mentioned in the ad is the final effort towards convincing the customer.

The Farmer’s Dog

Again, you can never go wrong with dogs. But this ad in particular will make any dog owner stop in their tracks.


It features adorable dogs, and a product that is good for them and makes them happy. Plus, it mentions that the product was developed by vets, which increases the trust on the product and that it is delivered to the customer’s door, which is the nail at the end of the coffin – convinience.


This ad is bound to be appealing to many consumers.

Why? Because it shows the products and, cleverly, compares their real cost to their current price.

Everyone loves a bargain.

Leaf Shave

What do you need from a razor? You need it to shave well. That’s why Leaf Shave has made this ad showing the razor in action, while also stating why their razor is different from every other.


This bright and colorful ad is eye catching regardless of the product. It makes you stop and look for a few seconds. When you have a good product, all you need is to stand out above the noise and catch the customer’s eye.

Gravity Blanket

Gravity Blanket is the kind of product that will make for cautious customers. “Can a blanket really help you sleep better?”

The brand seems to be aware of this though. That’s why this ad starts out by stating the benefits of the product, moves on to testimonials and social proof and finishes off by mentioning scientific evidence of the product’s efficacy, in an attempt to convince the customers to give this blanket a chance.


This ad by Birdies is simple and adresses the main issue with using flats: the likelihood of pain and discomfort.

The brand attempts to convince consumers by using the NY Times as a testament to the product’s comfort and quality.

Proper Cloth

This ad by Proper Cloth uses GQ, an important and trusted source of content for men, to try to create trust in their own brand.


With this ad, Ritual educates the consumer on a need that he (yup, this is a product for men) probably didn’t know he had.

They do this cleverly. The brand is aware that a lot of men dedicate their time to working out so hooks them by stating that working out is not enough and that they need this product as well.

This shows an understanding of the brand’s target customers and when consumers fell understood and relate to the story, there’s a higher probability that they’ll buy the product.


This ad was cleverly set up. As anyone can see, there is a clear distiction between the two men in the ad: one is confident and well put-together, the other seems insecure and confused.

The entire ad is made so that men gravitate towards the more confident man who uses eToro.

Dr. Squatch

How about a little humour? Dr. Squatch uses humour to get consumers’ attention and, in our opinion, it works!

You need to have the right kind of product for this but if you do, try making your customers laugh.

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few examples that we, both as customers and as professionals, were drawn to and believe to work.

Obviously, the product you’re selling has to be appealing to the customers, in the first place. However, the way you present it can definitely help mold the way in which your potential customers percieve your product.

All of these ads have a rational behind them that we believe, when applied correctly, can help you to kill it out there in the world of Facebook Ads.

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