7 Digital Marketing Podcasts for PPC Marketers in 2021

Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the best sources of content out there for the busy digital marketer.

At the distance of a click, you can access the minds of some of the world’s most influential marketers and learn from their own experiences, in a fun and convenient way. Furthermore, since we work in one of the most fast-paced industries where trends evolve all the time, we need to make sure we’re always up-to-date on the latest news.

There are a lot of podcasts out there so it can be hard to find the best ones. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite ones to make that choice easier for you.

Why Digital Marketing Podcasts?

Over the last year, more than 30% of Americans have listened to Podcasts at least once a month. Furthermore, over 70% of these users claimed to listen to them to learn something new.

There are a few reasons that make podcasts such a popular medium to learn stuff.

  • Always up-to-date: most of the shows in this list have new content released every week. This means that the content is almost always about the latest trends and news in the industry.
  • Industry leaders: one of our favorite reasons to listen to podcasts is that we often discover new thought-leaders in the industry from whom we learn so much (and most of the time, for free).
  • Listen on-the-go: unlike most other mediums, you can listen to podcasts while you work out, walk your dog, or are stuck in traffic.

For these reasons and (much) more, we listen to podcasts almost every single day. Now, with all of that said, let’s get to the list.

1. The Paid Search Podcast

Hosted by Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman, the Paid Search Podcast is hands down the best Paid Search podcast out there. There, we’ve said it.

With new content released each week, and more than+200 episodes released so far, the show is one of the most listened to when it comes to Google Ads and covers all the different areas you need to master Google Ads.

Some of the most recent episodes we’ve listened to:

  • Episode 248: 5 Assumptions About Ad Rank That Are No Longer Correct
  • Episode 239: How We Think About & Test Automated Bidding Strategies
  • Episode 235: The Perfect Landing Pgae Checklist
  • Episode 212: How to Study Your Competition In Google Ads

Now, both Chris and Jason seem to work with a lot of lead-gen accounts, so you won’t find much content for eCommerce accounts in there. Nonetheless, most of what’s discussed is still valuable even if you’re in eCommerce.

To finish our review, the Paid Search Podcast is also one of the funniest marketing shows we have listened to, which makes it one of our top choices in this list.

You can find out more about the show on their website at paidsearchpodcast.com, or follow them on Patreon for a small $2/mo fee for additional content that is not released on the shows, which also includes access to a private Facebook group (which is worth the $2/mo alone).

2. Perpetual Traffic

Hosted by Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell, Perpetual Traffic is one of the best shows out there for Facebook Ads marketers. The show also used to be hosted by Molly Pittman, who has since then moved on to another podcast (hint: we’ll share more about it in a minute).

With weekly new episodes, the show covers all the best tactics and strategies for customer acquisition via paid traffic, based on the hosts’ own experience at Tier11 and DigitalMarketer.

Now, a lot of the content does tend to skew towards Facebook Ads, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t value in there for Google Ads marketers. In any case, if you’re into Facebook Ads, you’ll love this show.

Some of the most recent episodes include:

  • Episode 248: What Facebook Marketers Need to Know About the iOS14 Update
  • Episode 286: 4 Big Marketing Takeaways from 2020 and Predictions for 2021
  • Episode 272: How DigitalMarketer.com Restructured and Grew Their Search Traffic

You can find the show at DigitalMarketer.com, or your favorite podcast app.

3. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

We couldn’t mention DigitalMarketer without including them into this list now, could we?

Hosted by Jenna Snavely and Garrett Holmes, the show invites you to listen in on interviews with some of the world smartest marketers who talk about some of the latest trends, tactics, and business advice to “make you a smarter marketer”.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, the show is considered by many as one of the best sources for up-to-date information on industry trends, and business advice, which makes it ideal for business owners and savvy marketers.

Some of the best episodes we’ve listened to:

  • Episode 133: How to Create Facebook Ads That Drive Real Results with Dennis Yu
  • Episode 125: A Stimulus Plan for 2021 Plus Advice From Shark Tank Investor Daymond John
  • Episode 110: Inside Digital Marketer’s Facebook Ad Account with Paid Media Manager Garrett Hardy

Hands down, one of the best shows on this list. You can listen to the show at DigitalMarketer.com.

4. Ecommerce Playbook: NUmbers, Struggles & Growth

If you’re into eCommerce, you’ve surely heard of the names Common Thread Collective, and 4×400.

Hosted by none other than 4×400’s CEO, Andrew Faris, the show shares some of the best available information one can have on building and growing a profitable eCommerce business. After all, what better source to learn than from someone who has built and run several massively successful DTC brands?

In the show, you can take a look behind-the-scences of these businesses and learn from what worked, and what didn’t, so you can better grow your own business. Here are some of our favorite episodes:

  • Episode 39: Taylor & Andrew Build an Organic Marketing Flywheel
  • Episode 42: 5 Lessons From Black Friday, Cyber Monday
  • Episode 44: Unleashing Vision

While it’s a fairly new podcast, we absolutely recommend it if you’re into eCommerce.

5. The Copywriter Club

Hosted by Rob Marsh and Kira Hug, this show is a must-listen if you struggle with writing landing page and ad copy.

Now, while the main audience of this show isn’t indeed PPC marketers, we still find that this show holds immense value for us because we believe copywriting is one of the most valuable skills PPC marketers can have.

After all, it is one of the elements that has the most potential to improve conversion rates, so… why not?

Here are some of their most recent episodes:

  • Episode 206: Writing Facebook Ads with Sarah Sal
  • Episode 215: Say “Yes” to Scary Things with Brandon Burton
  • Episode 208: Mindset and Copywriting with Ian Stanley

This show will hands down make you a better copywriter, and drive better results for your business.

6. The Smart Marketer Podcast

One of the most recent shows on this list, the Smart Marketer Podcast is hosted by Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, and John Grimshaw.

Now, you may have even heard some of these names from stores such as BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, or even from some of the other shows mentioned in this list. In fact, BOOM! alone has recently hit the $100 million revenue mark, and the hosts now share all the secrets on how they did it, for free.

Furthermore, they regularly push out some of the best free content for Facebook Advertisers out there, such as the recent 2021 10-Day Facebook Ads Bootcamp.

Some of the most recent episodes include:

  • Episode 24: Ezra’s 2021 Ad Strategy
  • Episode 21: How Smart Marketers Are Adapting for Apple’s iOS14
  • Episode 17: 5 Lessons From Hitting $100MM in Revenue

If you’re a Facebook Advertiser, do yourself a favor and add this show to your list.

7. Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

We first heard about Jason Portnoy and his show on a Gary Vee YouTube video, and we were amazed at the roster of interviewees the show has.

Now close to 100 episodes, the show counts with guest appearences from industry leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Mike Rhodes, Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, Rachel Pedersen, Nick Shackelford, Randi Zuckerberg, and dozens more.

Now that’s what we call a super-star guest list.

According to the host, the show is intended to become an “in-pocket mentor” for you to achieve success in life – whether that’s on business, marketing, finance, or mindset.

Some of our favorite episodes include:

  • Episode 97: Mike Rhodes: Growing Your Business with Google Ads
  • Episode 91: Nick Shackelford: A Conversation Around Paid Media
  • Episode 84: Molly Pittman: Online Skills to Survive in Today’s Landscape

There are new episodes every week, and you can listen to these interviews on your favorite podcast apps.

The Best Podcast Apps in 2021

In some of the shows above, we added the links to the official websites where you can listen to them.

However, in case you’re not sure about which app to use for the other shows, we’ll list below some of our favorite (free) apps to do so.

  1. CastBox
  2. RadioPublic
  3. Player FM
  4. Pocket Casts
  5. Podbean

With that said, we almost exclusively use CastBox and it has been our favorite for a while. In any case, we’ve heard great reviews about the other apps mentioned in this list so feel free to try them out, too.

Closing Thoughts

Before we close off, we’re not affiliated with any of the shows above so our recommendations are purely based on what we like to listen to.

There are surely other great shows out there and we’ll keep an eye out for new ones too, and add them to this list as we discover them.

What did you think about this list? Did we miss out on any show worth mentioning in this list?

Let us know in the comments below and let’s talk!

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