7 Awesome eCommerce Landing Page Examples

eCommerce Landing Page Examples

Your landing page may very well be your first point of contact with your potential customers. It can make or break the sale and influence your users’ view of your brand or product.

It’s important to have a well-constructed landing page that grabs the users’ attention from the onset and makes them feel good about your brand.

But what exactly constitutes a good landing page?

What Makes a Good eCommerce Landing Page

There is no set of rules to follow when building a landing page, and each one has to be adjusted to the product or service being sold or promoted.

There are a few commonalities among successful landing pages that are important to take into consideration, though:

  • A Good Offer: driving high-quality traffic to your website isn’t enough. You’ll need an incredible offer to convince users to buy.
  • Social Proof: user testimonials, celebrity endorsements, earned media – you name it. It’s one of the oldest (and powerful) tricks in the book.
  • Great Copywriting: appeal to your users’ emotions and compel them into completing your desired action.
  • Eye-Catching Images: they say images are worth more than a thousand words. Use them wisely!

Here are 7 landing pages that hit the jackpot so you can get inspired.

You can scroll down on the images to see the full landing pages.

The Farmer’s Dog

Farmer's Dog Landing Page

Even though this is the website’s homepage and not a campaign-specific landing page, we consider it to be so well-built that its format can easily be reproduced onto a landing page.

But why is it so good?

It starts out with a discount offer at the top and almost right below that there is a section of social proof from trusted entities. This brings a level of trustworthiness to the brand right off the bat.

It moves on to the product’s main selling proposition where it puts the customer at ease by stating that it’s aproved by vets.

As the user keeps scrolling down, he/she is getting more and more reassured about the product. Towards the end of the page there other dog owners testimonials of their dog’s reaction to the product. What’s not to love?

We believe this homepage includes all the necessary steps towards gaining the customers trust and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


Again, it’s a homepage…whoops! But we can’t ignore how good it is.

The page opens with the following line:

“We’re Tovala, a meal service for insanely busy people. We’ve reinvented home cooking to save you time.”

The brand knows its customers and how it can add value to their lives, which is clearly stated in this opening line.

It follows this line with a section of social proof and it offers a discount right on top of the page – Are you starting to notice a pattern?

It moves on to the benefits of the product offered and then shows the user testimonials of satisfied customers.

Towards the end of that page it hammers down on its value proposition by further showcasing its advantages.


This one is a little different from the first two.

They do have one thing in common though, the discount at the very top of the page.

Lumin’s landing page lacks social proof and testimonials but, to counteract this, they state why their customers like and use the product.

Now, its up to you whether you believe these statements or not.

But how do you build trust without real customers’ testimonials?

Perhaps the brand is trying to build that trust by offering a 1-month free supply of their product (shown at the bottom of the page) – so customers can assert the quality of the product for themselves.

Love Wellness

If it were up to us, we would remove the menu in the header and in the footer as it can distract users from what we want them to do.

Putting that detail aside, this page has some cool features.

The video of the founder at the top of the page makes the customers feel valued – ok, the founder of the brand actually took time to reach out!

If you take into account the discount visible all over the page, the reviews, and the social proof, this is a solid example of a landing page.

Care Of

We don’t want to talk about homepages, but when their as good as this one, we really don’t see how we can skip them.

It is simple, clean and it shows the product and its benefits clearly and efortlessly throughout the page.

A quiz is emphasized right at the top of the page (we love these sorts of quizzes). If you know this brand then you know this quiz is the first step in the funnel – customers take the quiz, find out what their personalized plan is and then purchase the products in the plan.

Quizzes tend to be a good way to go because they apeal to the customers’ ever growing need for personalized products and services – did we mention we love quizzes?

As the user scrolls down, he/she will find out how these personalized plans work for other users’ specific needs and will get impacted by all the advantages of the product.

You will notice that the Take the Quiz call-to-action exists in several different parts of the page to make customers aware that the quiz is the beginning of the process.


This landing page is simple and easily gets the job done.

This razor is specific for women, and yes there are plenty of razors out there for women, but this one combines practicality with design. Something this page is very clear in demonstrating.

It really does nothing more than show the product, its features and all the colors you can get it in, but with a little bit of humor: “nobody puts Billie in the corner” – hint: Dirty Dancing

This is a good example of how the copy is a big part of any landing page. Your product may not be revolutionary, but its how you present it that can turn it into something more.

Simple but effective, in our opinion.


This landing page by Winc has all the features of a good landing page – social proof, testimonials, a discount, a good offer, and good copy.

What more can you want?

I’m ready to order myself.

Closing Thoughts

If you look at all the examples provided, you will notice clear similarities or sections of the page that are common in most of them.

The bottom-line is: it needs to be about your customer.

  • What value does your product add to your customer? Whats your value proposition?
  • How can you make the customer feel safe to purchase your product? Can you leverage testimonials, celebrity endorsments, and other forms of social proof?
  • How can you increase your landing page’s conversion rate? Do you have the perfect copywriting angle and an irresistible offer?

Have fun with your landing page and your customer will too.

What’s Next

If you want to build your landing page yourself without the assistance of a developer, take a look at our top 5 recommended landing page building tools.

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