Top 7 Landing Page Optimization Tools in 2022

Landing Page Tools

A landing page is the first thing that visitors see when they click on paid ads or search results for a brand, making them an essential part of the online sales funnel. In many ways, the landing page is what turns most visitors into customers.

Landing pages can be used for all types of businesses across industries. However, not all landing pages are made equal. Thankfully, with landing page optimization tools, you can increase the chances of having a customer go through your sales funnel, ultimately finishing at checkout.

But, how exactly does landing page optimization software work?

How Does Landing Page Optimization Software Work?

When it comes to landing page optimization, it takes more than a single tool. Here are some of the ways wherein landing page optimizers make a difference in your website:

  • A/B Testing Tools – Allow marketers to test different versions of their landing pages, such as copy, images, or color.
  • Heatmap Tools – Shows marketers which elements on their landing pages are being interacted with the most by its visitors.
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer Tools – Optimizes landing pages by showing recommended changes based on analytics.
  • Marketing Automation Tools – Helps marketers automate their marketing activities, such as email campaigns and social media management.

If you’re thinking about investing in a landing page optimization tool for your business, here are a few options that you should definitely consider.

Top Landing Page Optimization Tools

Landing page optimization tools can be split into two main categories: tools for creating optimized landing pages and tools for optimizing existing landing pages.

Here is a short list of tools that will allow you to carry out tests, monitor page performance, and quickly improve your conversion rates in 2022.

1. Leadpages

Leadpages is a web page creation tool that allows marketers to easily create landing pages with various landing page optimization features with sales in mind. 

For example, Leadpages offers tools for creating pop-ups, alert bars, content upgrades, and much more. Leadpages also integrates with tools like Facebook ads, Instapage, and many more apps and services that you can use to grow your business.

Unlike other options on this list, Leadpages lets subscribers enjoy unlimited publishing. With this, Leadpages users won’t get charged extra for things like multiple pages or number of leads acquired.

Price: Starts at $37 per month for annual payments.

2. HotJar

HotJar is a great tool that allows you to run heatmaps, recordings, incoming feedback, surveys, and in-depth conversion rate optimization tools. 

With its various visual tools, you can quickly and precisely identify the ongoing needs of your customers. Instead of survey data, you can review recordings of actual customer experience on your site to understand why they’re not checking out.

HotJar works by tracking visitors on your website and providing you with the necessary tools to quickly optimize your pages based on real customer experiences.

Price: Free | Paid plans start at $31 per month.

3. Elementor

Elementor provides simple and intuitive tools to create and manage your landing pages. Using Elementor’s end-to-end solutions, Elementor lets users create multiple optimized websites easily. With this, it’s a highly recommended building tool for those who want to build multiple websites at a time.

Aside from its customizable landing pages, A/B testing, heat maps, and visual editor, Elementor also offers form builders, pop-up creators, live chat support, and so on.

If you’re keen on trying Elementor, but don’t know if it’s worth the money yet, there is another option. Elementor also offers a free WordPress plugin with an excellent premium extension that allows you to edit widgets directly from the Elementor editor interface.

Price: Free | Elementor Pro tier starts at $49 per year.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a landing page tool that will help you increase your email list. You can adapt the tools to suit your needs by using different tools that come in the form of email sign-up forms, marketing automation, and integrations with Shopify, Squarespace, and Teachable.

With its various templates, ConvertKit allows you to create the perfect landing page for your audience. You can also monitor your data in real time, which enables you to follow trends about what works and what doesn’t work for a specific audience.

Price: Free | Paid plans start at $9 per month.

5. Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page creation platform that enables you to easily create, publish, and A/B test landing pages.

You can start by choosing from a variety of mobile-optimized templates, which you can then customize to match your brand. In addition, Unbounce provides tools that will allow you to create pop-ups, carousels, slideshows, conversion tracking, and more. 

While Unbounce offers a 14-day trial, there is no longer a free tier. Depending on the number of domains, visitors, and conversions, Unbounce has three options for its paid services: Launch, Optimize, and Accelerate.

Price: Starts at $81/month for annual payments.

6. Instapage

Instapage is an all-inclusive landing page builder that allows you to make an optimized page in a matter of minutes. Through Instapage, you can either build your landing pages from scratch or use their templates for inspiration.

With Instapage, you also have the tools to improve your landing page’s performance by enabling one-click integrations with Google Analytics, Salesforce, MailChimp, and more. 

Instapage features include A/B testing, an RSS feed, form analytics, and tools for heat mapping. Aside from this, Instapage also has AdMap, where marketers can easily visualize and connect ad campaigns.

While Instapage doesn’t have a free tier, it does offer a 14-day free trial. If you want to customize your plan to include only features that matter to you, you can also reach out to their team for custom pricing.

Price: Starts at $199/month for annual payments.

7. Optimizely

Using advanced content and product recommendations and AI personalization, Optimizely is an incredibly useful tool for personalizing your landing page experience for visitors.

With its optimized testing features, you can see how changes on your website impact its overall success rates, so you can better maximize the results from your landing pages. Aside from this, 

Optimizely also uses heatmaps, session recordings, and real-time reports.

When it comes to running A/B and multivariate tests, Optimizely also lets you edit your website without having to learn complicated code languages.

Price: Custom pricing depending on your needs.

Invest in a Landing Page Optimization Tools for Your Business

The future of marketing is not only digital, but it is also innovative and customer focused. If your aim is to acquire more customers, then you have to optimize your landing pages for effective lead generation.

When it comes to the landing page optimization software, there’s no one perfect tool. Depending on what stage your business is in, it will have different needs for its growth.

Though many of the tools above appear similar, it is important to evaluate which ones serve your needs, fit your budget, and provide data in a manner that can be easily interpreted and implemented into an effective user experience strategy.

Once you have acquired customers, the next step is to nurture them into the next stage of the customer lifecycle. With this, it is best to engage and retain them, so that all your efforts into optimizing your landing page will not be wasted.

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