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Report Template

Data Studio Report Template

Stay on top of your results everyday!

Quickly measure and analyze your main KPIs with this automated, real-time report template.

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What kind of data can you track?

Analyze your campaign's data

Measure your results with a glance in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Breakdown your ads by performance metrics

Find out which ads are working best based on your main KPIs.

Understand your sales funnel

Keep track of your customers’ journey and understand how your sales funnel works.

Evaluate the profitability of your conversion funnel

Find out which stage of the funnel needs improvement.

How to use this template


Make a copy of the template so you can edit it.


Depending on your chosen data connector (Adveronix, Supermetrics, or other), add your sources to the report.


Replace the sources of the graphs on the report with your newly added sources.

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