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The 15-Minute
Facebook Ads Audit Checklist

Facebook Ads Audit - Conversion Lift

Don't let your Facebook Ads Budget go to waste every single day.

Get access to our 50+ action items checklist and quickly uncover hidden growth opportunities in your account.

  • Calculate your Breakeven CPA and Target ROAS

  • Get real feedback on key metrics such as Click-Through Rate, Hook Ratio, Purchase Rate and more

  • Includes quick cheat sheet for troubleshooting your Facebook Ads

Get the FREE Audit!

How does this Audit help you?

Calculate Account Metrics

Easily calculate your account’s current and target metrics.

Discover Under-Performing Campaigns, Ad Sets & Ads

Effortlessly become aware of the performance of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads, and know where you need to take action.

Review Campaign Structure & Audiences

Evaluate your campaign structure and chosen audiences. Get clues on how to restructure your campaigns for better performance.

Re-Evaluate Account's Safety

Re-evaluate your account’s safety and protect yourself from getting banned, or hacked.

What's in this Checklist?

Supporting Google Doc with simple step-by-step instructions.

Automatic calculator to measure current ROAS and the targets you need to hit to reach your revenue goals.

Tons of practical tips and insights to help improve your account’s performance.

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