Facebook Video Ad Examples – How to Create Great Video Ads

How to Create Great Video Ads

There’s no question that video ads have taken the lead on Facebook advertising for the past few years, especially for prospecting new customers.

And when we say video ads, it could be anything from great video production to a simple video shot with someone’s phone. As long as it delivers the message in the right way, customers respond positively to it.

However, as simple as it may sound to grab your phone and shoot a video, there’s a lot more to the process. And that’s what we’re going over in this article – What great Facebook video ads look like and how you can create similar ads to those.

Let’s jump right in.

Best Facebook Video Ad Examples

There are plenty of great Facebook video ad examples out there but if you talk to any media buyer, they’ll tell you that the video ads working best on Facebook nowadays are Tik Tok or UGC-style ads.

If you’ve ever been on Tik Tok, you’ll know what type of content is native to that platform – short and attention-grabbing videos that hook the user in from the first second. This type of content has been working like wonders on Tik Tok and Facebook.

Let’s look at some awesome Facebook (and Tik Tok) video ads that have been killing it!

eCommerce Video Ad Examples

  1. Dorsal Bracelets video ad examples
  1. Daily Harvest video ad examples
  1. HeySilkySkin video ad examples
  1. Wandering Bear video ad examples
  1. Gainful video ad examples

Software Video Ad Examples

  1. Truebill video ad examples
  1. Cerebral video ad examples
  1. Noom Weight video ad examples
  1. Teladoc video ad examples
  1. Quickbooks video ad examples

Facebook Video Ads Format

Let’s take a quick look at Facebook’s video ad specs.

Facebook Feed

There are two formats recommended for Facebook’s feed:

  • 1:1 (1080x1080px), recommended for both desktop and mobile
  • 4:5 (1200x1500px) which is recommended only for mobile.

Facebook Stories

Each story card can display an ad of 15 seconds maximum. Any ad longer than 15 secs will be displayed over multiple cards.

The recommended ad spec for Facebook stories is:

  • 9:16 (1080x1920px)

Facebook Reels

Facebook reels can display ads up to 30 seconds and the recommended ad spec for is:

  • 9:16 (1080x1920px)

How can you create great Facebook video ads?

Now that you’ve seen some great Facebook video ad examples, I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat wondering how you can create your own awesome video ads.

And no, you don’t need a big production or even great video editing skills. Making these video ads is a lot simpler than you might think.

All you need to do is create an account on a content creation platform. Here are three platforms you can check out: Billo, Insense, and Cohley.

They all work similarly, and what they do is connect brands to content creators who understand what it’s like to create video content for ads.

You’ll have to have an idea in your head of the ads you want to create of course, and once you do, you just create your project on one of those platforms, wait for content creators to apply, pick the one/s you like, and wait for the content to come in. And don’t worry, you can ask for revisions if you’re not happy with the end results. 

It’s that simple, and it’s pretty affordable when compared to large video productions.

But which of these platforms should you try out first? Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


Billo is a content creation platform for eCommerce and apps. 

You can get all types of videos in Billo: video ads, testimonials, unboxings, how-tos, 360 videos, and app promos.

The best part is that there’s no fee to sign up to Billo. You only pay for the videos you get. For the videos, prices start at $59/video for the shortest video you can get. For a slightly better video, though, you’ll probably end up paying something between $100 and $150. Which is still pretty good!

The only downside is that it only has US-based creators. If you’re an eCommerce brand in the US, this is not an issue for you, but for agencies that have clients all over the world, this platform is not the right choice.


Insense is a creative and social media marketing platform. 

It not only allows you to source content for your ads but also allows you to partner up with creators to run those ads through their social media handles. This process is called Whitelisting.

Much like Billo, it offers all types of videos from testimonials to unboxings, product reviews, and others. It also offers product photography.

However, unlike Billo, there’s a monthly subscription to the platform on top of the price of each video. Their cheapest plan is $400/month and only allows for 3 advertising brands. So again, if you’re an agency this might not be the option for you.

A good thing about Insense, though, is that it offers the possibility to connect with and source content from creators all over the world.


Cohley is the most complete platform of the three. 

Not only can you source ad content and product photography but you can also get written product reviews. And you can get all of this from creators all over the world.

As for the pricing, you’ll need to reach out to Cohley to find out.

Now, as great as this platform is, if all you want is video ad content, you might be better off with one of the simpler platforms above.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays it’s all about Tik Tok but that doesn’t mean Facebook is over and done with.

You can still get great results with Facebook. One way of doing that is using Tik Tok-style creatives on your Facebook Ads.

If you don’t have your own team of content creators at your disposal, you can simply use one of the three platforms mentioned above to get quick and efficient video ads, at a really affordable price.

What are you waiting for to try these video ads in your Facebook ads account?

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  1. Thank you for such a detailed explanation of various Facebook video ad types. The examples of each ad type will play a great role in creating attention-grabbing videos for my channel. Keep posting!

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