101 Facebook Ads Custom Audiences Ideas [Infographic]

Facebook Ads Custom Audiences

Facebook custom audiences are one of the most powerful targeting features available for marketers out there.

With a seemingly endless amount of combinations and different audiences we can build, we can tailor our ads to users almost at a personal level. For instance, we can show ads to users who have…

  • Shown an interest in a specific product
  • Signed up for a newsletter
  • Added a product to the cart but didn’t complete their purchase
  • And more!

With such refined audiences, it becomes very easy to display super-relevant ads to our audiences and, in turn, increase our conversion rates.

In this infographic, we’ll list all the standard custom audiences made available by Facebook, as well as a few advanced custom audiences you can build for even better audience targeting.

Let’s get to it.

Facebook Custom Audience Types

Before we dive into this post, let’s take a look at the different audience types we can create on Facebook.

There are at least 12 different custom audience types you can build. In each one, you’ll be able to create several different audiences that can be refined based on different parameters, events, URLs, and devices.

These audiences include…

  • App Activity: users who have installed or interacted with your app.
  • Website: users who have completed an action on your website, such as an add to cart, or purchase event.
  • Offline Activity: such as users who purchased from your physical store.
  • Customer List: users who have shared their personal data with you such as their email, phone number, or address.
  • Video: anyone who has engaged or watched your videos on Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Shopping: anyone who has engaged with your product catalog on Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Lead Form: users who have shared their personal details with you via Lead Form, or engaged with one.
  • Instant Experience: users who have interacted with an instant experience.
  • Events: users who attended or display an interest in attending an event.
  • Instagram Account: anyone who engaged with your Instagram account.
  • Facebook Page: anyone who engaged with your Facebook account.
  • On-Facebook Listings: users who sent a message or interacted with product catalogs.

Here’s the complete list.

Facebook Ads Custom Audiences [Infographic]

Closing Thoughts

With the looming introduction of the iOS14 update, and growing concerns regarding user-privacy on digital platforms, it is expected that some of these audiences will be phased out.

In some of the cases, while the audiences won’t necessarily be eliminated, we will likely see a decrease in audience size which can make them less effective for our marketing efforts.

Nonetheless, there are still hundreds of different audiences you can create, and we expect that in-platform audiences, such as users who engaged with your posts or videos, will become more widely used by marketers, and have an increasing importance in the performance of your account.

What are some of your favorite audiences? Let us know in the comments and let’s talk!

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